Monday, November 19, 2007

Here's how it will finish:

Monday night, the semifinals.

All did very well, though you can tell the judges would be fine if Marie Osmond did not make the finals.

Helio: 60 points
Scary Spice: 60 points
Jennie Garth: 58 points
Marie Osmond: 56 points

Going home Tuesday: Marie.

The final 3 will be Helio, Scary Spice and Jennie Garth. In a shock, Scary Spice will be the first eliminated from that group next week. Leaving Helio and Jennie Garth. Unless she has a disastrous final dance, Garth's fan base will pull her through, since I am sensing a slight backlash to Helio.

There. You don't need to watch the next two weeks now. It's all settled.

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